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  • Image of Love Is Nothing - Not In This Place (Without Me) PRE-ORDER

Originally released on CDR by ANNIHILVS in 2011, WITHOUT ME was a tremendously ambitious effort. Spanning half a year of production, WITHOUT ME brings together a superstar collaborative team. The album was masterminded by Lee M. Bartow (THEOLOGIAN, ANNIHILVS), who adapted a slew of incomplete tracks by multi-instrumentalist Carrie Lisa Ingber (ex-PAPER DAGGERS), a Berklee School of Music graduate with a degree in Film Scoring, who turned her lifelong infatuation with THE CURE into a profound talent for constructing perfect contemporary shoegaze.

By incorporating the guitar talents of Mike Hill (TOMBS), John LaMacchia (SPYLACOPA, CANDIRIA), Derek Rush (DREAM INTO DUST, CHTHONIC STREAMS), and three-fourths of now-defunct Brooklyn rockers TOURNAMENT, Ingber's collection of four minute gloomy pop songs have been transported into darker territory by Bartow and company, adding a bit of industrial grit and the occasional expansive drone dirge.
The album was partly engineered with the aid of Bartow's longtime friend and collaborator, Kevin Reilly, Jr. (CHARLIE VICTOR ROMEO, KRISHNA DAS).

As the tenth anniversary of this important release approaches, ANNIHILVS has joined forces with LaMacchia's RISING PULSE RECORDS to produce a new cassette+digital edition, featuring brand new mixes by Raab Codec (SNOWBEASTS, COMPONENT RECORDINGS), who also mastered the album. Three SNOWBEASTS remixes (one on the cassette, two on the digital version) have also been included.

A1. Lost Memories Like Severed Limbs
A2. Abuse
A3. The Trail's Gone Cold
A4. (Love Is) The Linchpin
A5. I Am So Exquisitely Empty
B1. Second Best
B2. She Made A tincture Of My Tears
B3. Not In This Place
B4. Exquisite Emptiness (Snowbeasts Drone Mix)


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