• Image of Candiria Open 24 Hours Pullover Hoodie
  • Image of Candiria Open 24 Hours Pullover Hoodie

A Candiria classic. This design was printed on more garments than any other design the band has ever created. Due to popular demand amongst our fans Rising Pulse Records is doing a limited run of this design on both T-shirts and pullover hoodies in two color combinations. Each purchase will include a copy of Candiria - Beyond Reasonable Doubt / Collectors Edition in Digipack CD format.

** Orders will ship three weeks from the date of which this campaign was launched. It is very difficult to gauge how many orders we will receive so to ensure that we have enough of each garment in all sizes and colors we are delaying our order with the printing company. We will fill the order with the printing company after the first several days the campaign is live and will ship orders the moment the product is in our possession. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

*** The actual garment and ink color may differ slightly from the mock up images that were created for this campaign.

****Orders in the US will ship Priority Mail. Orders overseas will ship First Class International.

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